Turnkey Website Development

Have you got a unique idea? Perhaps you sell goods in social networks and want to create a complete online store? Or maybe your company needs to expand its business into the Web? Either way, we can help.

We offer you to order a website that will boost your business and help to promote your ideas. You could save money and create one on your own by using guides from online courses issued by beginners. But do you really have enough time to create a high-quality product? If you are into business, spending time on researching an additional topic might be problematic. Leave the work to a team of professionals and save your time.

Where to Start?
Do you want to present your brand to your customers in a unique way? A website can significantly broaden your audience and boost sales. Here are the types of sites we offer:
  • Landing pages
  • Small and large corporate sites
  • Thematic sites
  • Blogs
  • Galleries
  • Directories
  • Online stores
  • Other types

A high-quality website based on a convenient platform lets you create a professional image of your company. This creates a new communication channel with buyers and potential partners. The way a website is made also often determines whether a user will buy something. A lot depends on the usability and quality of the service on all kinds of devices: PC, tablet, mobile.

We can create a selling website that will help you create a prestigious image of your business, reach a new audience throughout the country and worldwide.

Where Can You Order
a Website Without Overpaying?
The Cyborg Studio provides the best Quality/Price ratio that makes the service available for almost any business owner. Here is what websites do our services provide:
  • SEO-optimized
  • Modern in design
  • Responsive on all devices
  • User-friendly
  • With quality content
  • With social media buttons for SMM promotion
  • With many features that allow connecting various scripts

Anyone can order the development of a website with a huge number of features. To make it work as you want, there also is an option to install additional scripts.

So that users could find your website, it must be SEO-optimized. If this is not done, the search engines will locate your site on the last pages of the search results and no users will be able to find it.

Ordering a turnkey website, you make sure that each detail is done properly. Also, the design is another feature that attracts buyers. If your website has an outdated design with unreadable info, you will lose part of your buyers.

The last part is the content. Filling your website with content is very important. This affects both the readers’ assessment and the way search engines locate your website in their index.

Ordering the development of a website is a possibility to expand your business and let the whole world learn about the product. The more users you cover, the more likely that they will become your buyers.

How Are Quality Resources Created?

At first glance, turnkey websites seem to be a few days of work. Truth be told, it's not that simple. A whole team of specialists is needed to complete such a task. First, we research the market area and competitors. The website type completely depends upon your needs. We do not want our customers to overpay, so cooperation with us is profitable for them. All our projects are unique because they are set up according to the characteristics of the target audience and the pros of the brand or product. Website development in Toronto is the main direction of our studio.

During the work process, many specialists are involved. Some of them are programmers who create an admin panel. It lets you control the website content in the future. After everything is done, the team tests each aspect to avoid any problems in the future. The cost of website development in Toronto depends on the complexity of the project. This includes various features, designs, and more. We individually calculate the costs in accordance with the task. A high-quality website will return all the money spent on it and boost sales.

We will develop a website for you that will increase the number of orders and customers.
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from 300 $
  • Website on a ready-made template
  • Convenient content management system
  • Replacing images and colors
  • Help in filling the site
  • Setting up feedback forms
  • Uploading a site to hosting and basic optimization
from 500 $
  • Create a unique template based on the selected layout
  • Convenient content management system
  • Create up to 4 unique pages
  • Creating a blog post
  • Help in filling the site
  • Setting up feedback forms
  • Uploading a site to hosting and basic optimization
from 1000 $
  • Prototyping layout
  • Create a unique design
  • Convenient content management system
  • Up to 6 unique pages
  • Create Blog Entries / Product
  • Catalog
  • Help in filling the site
  • Setting up feedback forms
  • Uploading a site to hosting and basic optimization
  • Management system training 6 months free technical support