Step-by-step Instagram targeting
Properly set up targeted ads
For the development of almost every business, setting up targeted advertising is necessary. It's time to figure out how to do it right.

Preparing to launch, pay attention to a few points:

  • The quality of the content, if you plan to make people on Instagram. If users like the content, they might follow you. Accordingly, they will see new posts in the feed. The better they are, the higher the chance of making a purchase. No need to publish only selling posts: make the page interesting and informative.
  • Are pages linked to Instagram and Facebook. Facebook advertising will be set up precisely with its help.
  • How is the profile framed. It is very important that you have a single style. But he should not be boring. For example, think over your design for each heading.
  • Track more successful companies that promote similar products, follow the competition, not forgetting about uniqueness.

Unfortunately, for non-specialists, the concept of SEO is too vague, or rather it is too vague. And it’s good if you get at least part of the promotion services for your money.

Our web studio provides a detailed report on the work performed. SEO promotion consists of internal and external methods.
Qualitative seo promotion can be divided into several types.
Internal seo optimization involves.

How to set up targeted ads

Now that the preparation is behind, you need to talk about how to set up targeted advertising. First, about the goals of advertising campaigns, there are currently 11 of them. Most often they use conversion increase, messages, video viewing, engagement, lead generation and traffic.

How your network selects the target audience depends on your choice. So first determine which of the above criteria is more important at this stage of business development.

Targeting instructions are relatively simple:

  • Click Create Campaign
  • You will be transferred to the window where you need to select a target
  • Give the company name, ad and group
  • Save the draft
  • Indicate the launch date. As a rule, it is installed automatically on the same day. You can change it. Set real and end date. This parameter can not be set.
  • Define your audience according to the research of your target audience. “Detailed targeting” allows you to more accurately set parameters.
  • Set the parameters that the system will use when choosing the target audience.
  • Edit how users see your ad.

Targeting Instagram, like any other network, is one of the most effective methods of promotion. The only difficulty is that it is impossible to completely guess with Central Asia. So worry about a detailed analysis.