The very first, massive and popular social network in the world. Its coverage is 1.4 billion pages. The Russian segment is represented by an impressive audience of 24.5 million people. The qualitative difference between the Facebook audience is a high level of education, higher incomes and the level of well-being in general. And among them […]

Targeted advertising on InstagramOur company has long been engaged in Internet marketing and offers excellent conditions for cooperation. Advertising formats:– Images– Video– Benefits– Target audience analysis– TestingOne of our areas of focus is targeted promotion in social networks. A well-tuned target is an effective channel of interaction with the target audience and can significantly increase […]

Preparing to launch, pay attention to a few points: The quality of the content, if you plan to make people on Instagram. If users like the content, they might follow you. Accordingly, they will see new posts in the feed. The better they are, the higher the chance of making a purchase. No need to […]